6 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss


Hair is an important part of the body; its original function has long since vanished and its current use is to enhance a person’s image. It affects how they feel and react in the world; it plays a large part in how confident a person feels. It has become a way of life with many people, spending a lot of money on different cuts, styles and colours. Many of the modern techniques used can damage the hair and this can lead to hair falling out.

  1. Head massages with oil. This technique is used a lot in India as a way to promote hair growth and improve the quality of the hair. Choosing the right oil for the hair is important, as well as the length of time the oil is left on the hair; too long and it can cause more problems than it solves.
  2. Diet is important in retaining your hair. Foods that are rich in calcium encourage hair strength and growth.
  3. Reduce the damage inflicted on your hair, reduce the amount of heat from straighteners, colour from dye and chemicals that you are putting on your hair. These products over time are damaging the quality of the hair and this could lead to premature fall out.
  4. Exercise is important for your hair as well as your body. Some poses in yoga stimulate the blood flow to your head. This allows the blood to reach your head and scalp; increasing the blood flow to your head increases the blood supply to the hair follicles promoting growth.
  5. Illnesses can cause hair loss and it is important that you have your health checked to rule out any possible medical reason as to why your hair is falling out.
  6. Dramatic weight loss can cause your hair to fall out, you are depriving your body of the nutrients that it needs. This is one reason why crash dieting can do more harm to your body than you might realise. Eating a healthy well-balanced diet is important in helping to maintain your hair’s health.

Women and men will experience hair loss differently but there is a likelihood that sometimes hair loss is hereditary in both men and women. It is not something solvable without medical intervention.

There are many reasons as to why you experience hair loss and it is important to address those issues in the first instance, in case these is a medical reason as to the hair loss. If there is no medical reason as to the hair loss then looking at your diet and your hair care routine could explain some of the loss. If there is no evidence that indicates a health reason or a practice that is damaging your hair, it could be the result of an inherited condition or a change in the body after an event, for example giving birth can make your hair thinner or having medical treatment like radiotherapy can affect the hair on your body.



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