What is Minoxidil


If you are considering rectifying a hair loss problem then it is important that you understand all the options open to you. Minoxidil is a synthetic drug; the originally design was to treat hypertension or high blood pressure, but one of the side effects was the increase in hair growth, even on areas of skin where there is minimal hair.

This side effect is a positive one and is just a reason why it is a course of treatment for baldness in both men and women. This side effect of the drug has now benefitted many individuals from hair regrowth.

The effects of the hair growth on a person who is suffering from baldness is individual, minoxidil is successful in the clinical trials and it works to help restore some of the hair loss. The question that many want answers to is the reason for the hair growth, which is not known, the scientific community have no understanding as to why this drug helps to restore hair.

The minoxidil stops the further loss of the hair and can help regenerate some of the previous hair loss. However, the main problem with a drug like the minoxidil is the need to continually apply the medication or experience the hair loss, this can take up to 60 days to have a noticeable difference but the hair will re-establish a hair loss routine as soon as the medication stops.

The good news for many, the product development; there are different manufactures that have taken this product to develop a medication with minoxidil. You apply direct to the affected area. It is possible to buy this medication over the counter at a pharmacy, as you don’t need a prescription. The cream for men has a maximum amount of minoxidil of 5% and the recommended amount for women is 2%.

Sometimes the results from the medication isn’t what you expect, the hair can come through darker than those around and this is difficult to hide if you are looking to increase the hair in certain areas. It might become noticeable that more hair is growing. However, it will depend on the individual as to whether this is a good or bad problem.

What is important to remember, this medication was for high blood pressure and understanding if the medication is going to affect your current health. If you have high blood pressure and are under the doctor for treatment, being aware of any non-prescription medication, you are taking and understanding how it can affect what your doctor prescribes, is important.

A hair specialist consultation is important if you are considering the options open to you. They will be able to give you accurate information as to the best solution for you.

This is a long-term solution where you are applying a medication; it might work out more expensive in the long-term if you compare a surgical procedure to purchasing a product over the counter. Knowing all the options is the only way forward in making the right decision for you.


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