Who Is Norman Orentreich?


If you want to thank the founder of the hair transplant procedure then you will need to meet Norman Orentreich. It is through his work over the years that have helped shape and develop the possibilities and the results that hair specialists are seeing today.

Norman is now a 91-year-old man, who has lived his life amongst hair follicles, leaning and understanding the possibilities that surround this fascinating subject. It was only through his research and techniques that it is now possible to remove a hair follicle from one area and transplant it to an area that has limited hair shafts or follicles.

One discovery is the donor dominance that is evident in the transplants that Norman Orentreich was able to study. The site that the hair follicle comes from still dominates in the new area, so if the tendency is for a tilt or a wave then this trait moves to the new area.

Without this man, taking the time to study hair, there would have been little chance for the developments of where the industry is today. The breakthrough in this area has helped shape the modern world in hair transplants. Who would believe hair follicles are able to move to new sites where the old hair follicle is no longer working.

Norman Orentreich was born in 1922 on the 26th December and studied at the University of New York and New York University where he gained an interest for hair follicles.

Graduating in 1948, this was just four years before he was to perform his first hair transplant. Nine years later, Norman is up to 200 hair transplants, this procedure has allowed the current technology and understanding of the hair follicle, allowing them to move carefully to a new area that is lacking in hair.

Norman and his work with hair and skin allowed him to work with Estee Lauder creating the Clinique range of products that work with the skin to create the perfect partner to reduce the problems that are often associated with aging skin.

Understanding how the skin works is fundamental in pioneering hair transplants, because the skin has to accept the hair follicle for it to grow, develop, and create the hair shaft in the new donor site.

Without this ground-breaking, work performed in 1952 by Norman Orentreich, and his belief that transplanting hair follicles to a new area of the body can work. The modern technology in this area would be lacking the skills that have developed since that day in 1952.

Honoring the man behind the ability to transplant hair is not something those who have received the treatment will mind, their lives transformed, those in the future who will benefit from the technology created because a man had the understanding of the capabilities of the hair follicle. Without Norman Orentreich and his advancements he made in the transplant field there is the possibility that the typical ‘comb over’ as a method of covering up hair loss would still be popular today.







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