A High Percentage Of Men And Women Experience Hair Loss

photo 3a

Many people put hair loss and baldness in a male orientated group, when in fact many women experience thinning of the hair and genetic hair loss. The percentage of the population that, by the age of 50, has to face the mirror and realize that they are having thinner hair issues, because of the reduced amount of hairs growing in an area and the potential that complete areas will go completely bald, is relatively high. As much as 50 percent of both men and women will notice a difference in their hair from hair thinning to bald patches or a receding hairline.

There are many different reasons for hair loss and even though it is more widely associated with men, women do equally share the problem of a receding hairline. It is how you handle the problem, which often varies, many men accept the baldness as a part of maturing; but for women this is a more difficult situation, often the hair style covers anyone noticing the reduction. It is not uncommon for a wig or hair extensions to hide the hair loss, not many women openly accept going bald as part of maturing.

This is just one of the reasons why hair transplants have become popular, with improved technology and hair transplant techniques the business of hair transplants has increased. With the improved technology, means that detecting a person has had a hair transplant is impossible, even for hair stylists, after the procedure has healed.

This gives more people access to treatment that is life changing; for women going bald is difficult but men, too, often try to put off the aging process by opting for a more permanent solution to a receding hairline.

It is not uncommon for those who have undergone the treatment not to discuss the procedure. For many, hair loss can have an effect on a person’s confidence, how they feel about themselves; this makes them uncomfortable to talk about the procedure, whilst others are happy to share the difficulties they faced on their hair transplant journey.

There are many different reasons for hair to reduce as a person ages, a person’s diet and general health or due to genetic predisposition to hair loss. Whatever the cause of the problem, there are specialists available to discuss your options and choices of the best procedure for your circumstances, the one that takes into account all the different variables.

Therefore, if you think that baldness is just a male dominated area then you might need to rethink your own reaction to the potential hair loss that could happen to you or your family. Hair loss, which is genetic, is not something that is just going to happen to men, it is possible that hair loss, passed on in the genetic makeup, is going to affect just as many women. However, with the developing hair transplant procedures, no matter your gender, there is no reason to accept baldness unless you want too.


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