Olly Morgan’s Procedure

photo 2

Having a famous English Rugby star visiting the clinic to help resolve his hair loss problems is fantastic. What is even better is having part of the procedure captured on film, for potential customers to see. The YouTube video shows some of the hair transplant and the results just after the procedure.

What is important to remember, is the need to offer our patients the facilities and the competence which, when they visit the clinic, they will receive the same quality treatment and advice.

Understanding the procedure is not always important for a client, what is important is seeing for themselves other people going through the procedure; and how they felt.

What you can clearly see on the You Tube video is Olly Morgan talking with the Doctor performing the procedure, the patient is fully awake and conscious. There is local pain relief and this allows the procedure to continue whilst the customer is fully awake and able to talk if they choose to.

The after care is briefly touched upon in this video, with Olly given medication to prevent infection setting in and recommended to take over-the-counter pain medication in case there is any discomfort in the first few hours after leaving the clinic. As with many medical procedures, there is always the possibility that a patient could end up with some minor swelling; some anti-inflammatory medication advice allows the patient to feel confident they are aware of the potential for any problems that might arise.

Coming to the clinic isn’t just about the procedure and getting the hair transplant booked and your payment banked. It is about the care and support that you get from the whole team for all the appointments, with the most important part, which is the aftercare. We are just as concerned about the aftercare, it is as important as the procedure itself, which is why we want to check on you a few days after the procedure, to make sure that everything is still fine and there is no infection or problems occurring.

Seeing the procedure is a great way to show how relaxed we are able to make you feel. This is important to us, the more relaxed that you feel in our company the easier the procedure is to perform. Obviously, the local anaesthetic helps to eliminate the pain whilst the procedure is happening, but we want you to have a positive feeling about the clinic and the work that we do, helping you and the procedure to run smoothly.

We like to see that some of the more famous customers are happy to endorse the work that we do and are happy to show the results of a successful hair transplant. Nevertheless, for us every customer deserves the same professional treatment, how we treat our customer’s doesn’t change; you get the same courteous manner whether you are a superstar or not.

Visit the You Tube page and witness for yourself the professionalism and fantastic results that we deliver every time. The Olly Morgan procedure demonstrates everything we want to share.


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