Higher Testosterone Levels; No Link To Hair Loss


It is important that if you are experiencing hair loss make sure you are under no illusions as to the cause. Some believe that the higher levels of testosterone in your body can lead to hair loss; this is just not true.

If you have hair loss, a few medical conditions can cause hair loss. If you have tested negative for these then the chances are, the hair loss related to your genetic make-up is extremely high.

Hair loss as you get older is normal; the hair follicles are susceptible to the genetic markers which make the hair follicle, at a certain point in your life, start to reduce the hair quality, until the follicle stops producing any hair at all.

There are some suggestions that the amount of testosterone that you have in your body effects hair loss. There is no scientific proof of any connection between the two. It is very similar to the practice, which compares the hair and medical conditions like cancer or diabetes, and the comparison between the illnesses and the baldness of people. This is not any form of scientific study; it is a characteristic study and has no base in true understanding of a scientific study that identifies any actual links between an illness or higher levels of testosterone and the losing of your hair.

A theory of the connection is just one belief, what you must do is look at the scientific evidence that supports any claim. What studies have shown is the levels of testosterone has no effect on the hair follicle.

What causes the sensitivity to some hormones in the body is not an influx of the hormone but the genetic markers that can affect the changes in how the body works. If the genetic markers that are inside you, and control the programming of you and your body, when certain things happen this can result in a knock-on effect on different areas of your body.

You might be predisposed to put on weight after hitting an age marker, the same with your hair. If you hit a certain point in your life then it is more likely for your hair follicles to reduce their capacity to work effectively if you have a genetic marker that reduces hair production after a certain age, then it is likely your hairline will recede.

Other areas that can affect hair loss apart from genetics is stress; this can hit at any age and it can reduce the amount of hair that you have. Remove the stress and hair growth should return to normal.

Therefore, it is important you consider all the information, which is available; to understand that some areas surrounding baldness make sure the facts are actual scientific results based on scientific testing that is proven. False information can make treatment difficult, because too many people listen to unproven information and draw their own very wrong conclusions. This can have a negative impact on the health care that they seek and the correct treatment for them.


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