Mark Blake’s FUT (Traditional Strip) Procedure

If you are looking for an insight into the whole procedure of a hair transplant and you are not squeamish, then this YouTube video is just for you. It follows the hair transplant procedure performed on Mark Blake.

The video is just over 11 minutes long and details the procedure in-depth. Mark’s health is the first area that needs checking, this ensures he is fully healthy to undergo the procedure.

Removing the donor hair follicles requires anaesthesia, it is important to make all procedures painless, the patient is unable to feel the removal of the donor area and the sewing up after removal. So, before any procedure it is vital to numb the area first.

The hair follicles that are going to a new area of the head, need removing from the scalp. The area needs verifying to make sure that there is adequate hair follicles in the section, this procedure takes places in a separate space away from the patient.

Marking the area that is to receive the transplant is important as well as adequately numbing the area with local anaesthesia, and again allowing time for the medication to work before the treatment starts.

The anaesthetic administered lasts for approximately 12 hours; this ensures that those first few hours are pain-free.

It is interesting to see the full procedure. This type of YouTube video is important because it allows an actual overview and is great to reassure potential patients.

What is interesting too, here, is Mark Blake’s post operation discussion at day 10, you can clearly see some of the growth from the transplant beginning to grow, even though this is likely to fall out shortly.

Mark talks about his experience, but not just as a patient but as a hair transplant doctor; he is a firm believer in taking supplements including Propecial, which is proven to promote hair growth. Also he uses minoxidil as a way to protect the hair that surrounds the hair transplant, from future loss and reduction.

Mark is an advocate for having the procedure, but at the right age; if a person is too young then the treatment can look odd, with hair loss behind the treatment area and making patches, which to rectify will need further treatment.

Pain relief for Mark was just a few days of having some co-codamol; this was all that he felt he needed. At the 10 day point he had the stitches removed from the donor site and there was no necessity for further treatment. The exciting time is still to come, as Mark will watch the growth and development of the new hair. Placement of the follicles was in such a way that was in keeping with the natural line of his hair, this will make the hair transplant look more natural.

Watching a procedure is really a great way to get a true feeling of what happens in a hair transplant. Understanding and seeing the procedure can help to ease any nerves that you might be feeling if you are considering your options in replacing lost hair through genetic hair loss.


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