What Is Alopecia Areata?

There are different forms of Alopecia, from the very severe form called Alopecia Universalis, which means you lose all the hair from your body to the lesser form of Alopecia Areata. This form means that you lose hair in patches, it is not restricted to the hair on the scalp and it can affect other body areas including beards.

The milder form, to the sufferer, can feel extreme because having just patches of hair fall out makes you look different and judgement is often cruel in the world. These patches of hair loss are often sore and can have other issues including itching; these can add to the pressure of losing clumps of hair. The patches of hair loss are a classic round shape in form.

What is frustrating is the patches can start to regrow hair, but you can have one patch going bald whilst another patch is having a renewed hair growth.

It is a short-term illness, that can correct itself over time, but it is possible to have repeat episodes throughout your lifetime. The first appearance of this condition is normally before 20, here the ratio for men to women getting the condition is equal, but if the condition first appears after this age, it effects more woman than men. If an older woman gets Alopecia Areata, it is more likely that the effects are not as severe and the condition becomes more manageable.

The causes of this stems from an autoimmune disease. The white blood cells in the body attack the hair follicle, making it weak and lead to the hair shaft falling out. The reason why the body attacks areas of hair is unclear, it is random and the patches take time to clear up with no guarantee of the time from loss to hair growth. Understanding why the body sometimes makes this rash decision to attack parts of its own body, understanding why the desire to eradicate the non-existent threat puzzles even the most scientific minds.

Pinpointing environmental factors or genetic markers that identify the cause of the disease still requires research. It is an area that is now only beginning to have the scientific answers that can help explain the condition, but finding why the episodes happen and understanding the triggers that can cause an episode of Alopecia Areata still needs further investigation.

If you experience any form of hair loss it is important that you seek medical attention, even though there are some conditions that can’t be improved by any medication, time is the only healer; it is important that you clarify the condition, which you are suffering.

Therefore, there is hope for the Alopecia Areata to clear up on its own, but there is the possibility that over the course of your life you will experience other episodes of hair loss due to the same problem. There are some external factors that could influence the condition, but these changes depending on the person, some individuals can bring on an episode through an increase in stress. It is an individual condition yet can affect many people in different ways.

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