Hair Myths: Can Over-Shampooing Make You Lose Hair?

Washing Hair

Washing your hair is obviously good for it otherwise so many of us wouldn’t be doing it so often. Not only does washing your hair remove excess dirt, oils and debris that accumulate in the course of daily living, it also removes old styling products that can dull the hair shaft. The feel good factor that comes from having clean shiny hair can however be marred for some people when they see the amount of hair that end up in the plug hole following shampooing. So much so that the question: does over-shampooing lead to hair loss? has become a fairly common one.

So what has caused this association of hair-washing and hair loss to come about? The hair growth cycle is such that most of us can expect to lose between 40 and 100 hairs from our head daily, Depending on the length of your hair this can start to look like quite a lot when the water has drained away after showering or washing your hair. Many people with longer hair also tend to wash it more frequently to keep it looking its best but is there such a thing as over-shampooing your hair? While it’s true that some ingredients in our hair products can be harsh and drying to hair leading to breakage if overused, it is categorically not true that over shampooing can lead to you losing your hair.

If you feel that your hair loss is excessive and that your scalp is showing signs of thinning or bald patches then the best thing you can do is make an appointment to see your GP who should be able to give a diagnosis and help pinpoint the causes for your hair loss. This could turn out to be stress or illness related or it could pinpoint an underlying condition that’s causing the hair loss. Whatever the reason, rest assured it is not your shampoo and if you do feel that there are just too many hairs landing in the plug hole after washing it’s important to seek medical advice sooner rather than later.


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