Skin Conditions That Effect Hair Growth


There are skin conditions that can cause hair loss, many of the conditions are present from birth and this is difficult time for any parent. But, some of these conditions have genetic problems that have associated hair loss. It is important that if you have a child with a skin condition that you are constantly kept up to date with the information about the condition.

It is very easy to accept the condition and yet have minimal understanding of the condition, it is important that you are aware of updates in technology along with scientific research as to the potential treatments. This gives you the most up to date information and as a patient or parent of a child with a skin condition, that affects hair growth.

One of the conditions, which there is never any hair on the body, called Hypotrichosis. It affects the child from birth and is a lifelong condition; there is no treatment or option to reverse this condition.

Problems with the skin can have a direct result in the ability to produce hair, this is apparent in conditions like Lupus, in particular Discoid Lupus, if a scab occurs on the scalp it can affect the hair growth and the effect is permanent.

A severe form of systemic Lupus can cause temporary hair loss, but it can affect hair quality too, making it brittle and easily broken.

There are conditions that you are born with that can affect the hair on your body. For hair to grow the skin needs to have developed properly and there is a condition that a child is born with a scar or even an open wound, this is where the skin has formed incorrectly. This condition called Aplasia Cutis Congenita, needs immediate treatment after birth but there is the possibility that there will be no hair growth in this area, and a scar. The most common area for the wound is on the back of the scalp.

The first ever genetically discovered hair condition, children born with hair covering the body, it is only then that all the hair can fall off and there is no possible way for the hair to grow back. This condition called Congenital Hypotrichosis. There is no current cure for this condition.

Another genetic hair loss condition called Triangular Alopecia, triangular patches of skin above the temples are bald from birth, the only option to reverse this condition is to have the skin surgically removed, this allows the condition to disappear, but it is a drastic procedure to under-go for cosmetic reasons.

There are long-term conditions that can affect the hair growth, there are to other conditions that can cause a temporary hair loss or difficulty for the hair shaft to grow properly. The most common is Cradle Cap, this can reduce stop the hair to get through the skin, and it is a common condition in young children but easily treated.

Hair and skin are closely related and a problem with one area can transfer to the other.


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