How To Repair Damaged Hair

If you find your hair is brittle, easily broken and damaged and you want to change the look and feel of your hair, then it is possible to do so, but sometimes the damage on the inside is too great and even though it might look better, some of the damage is irreversible.

Neglected hair from a poor care regime, or damaged from an overzealous styling habit can look horrible. However, there is hope; having the right products to protect your hair from damage, and repairing some of the damage caused can make your hair feel better.

The manufacturers of hair products have spent many years testing the ingredients, getting the right combination of products for different areas of care. Choosing the right product for the right job is vital in transforming poor quality hair, to hair that feels glamorous and healthy.

The shampoo you choose is important; it is not about getting the richest lather but the cleanest hair and not at the expense of the hair. Some shampoos take out too much of the goodness from the hair making it dehydrated and dry. The conditioner you use is also important, restoring some of the moisture and aligning the hair shaft making it appear softer. However, it is impossible to repair hair completely, from some of the damage caused by styling products, which is why it is important that you consider protecting the hair from potential damage.

Heat is one of the most damaging of styling options available; not only do we have hair dryers that heat up the hair to dry the moisture, other heating products used to shape the hair, including curling products and straightening products. These use high temperature ranges to heat the hair into a particular style.

The heat that you subject your hair to is a lot hotter than the skin can manage and would easily burn, but the hair manages these styles. However, the effect they are having on your hair is burning too, and drying out your hair shaft, this can make it brittle and easy to break. The solution is not to use heat, but this isn’t always possible and therefore you must turn to protection. Use a product created to cover the hair and protect it from the heat of styling products preventing any long-term damage to your hair.

Split ends are normally only removed by a quick haircut; this procedure isn’t your only option. You are able to buy products that repair the split ends. Nevertheless, the effect is only temporary; whilst you are using the product, the ends of your hair will appear perfect.

It is possible with developing products that the care of the hair is improving; thinking of the health of the hair and not just the current fashion and style. Which is why, if you are hoping that your hair growth will continue for longer and not fall out as you age, you must ensure that you are taking the health of your hair as seriously as the health of your body.

Dark-haired woman being sad, because of having problems with hair loss


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