Kerafiber: Does it Work For Hair Loss?

There are products on the market that claim they have the answers to the problems associated with the thinning of the hair or more permanent hair loss. But knowing if you are spending money on a product that is going to work or if you are throwing your money away, is important.


Some procedures in hair restoration are more permanent than other options. They are looking at removing the problem completely and moving forward with your life; you might opt for a hair transplant. The healing process and the hair regeneration is going to take time to complete the process and show the final results, but they will be worth it.

Other options that you are able to purchase, like the Kerafiber product, give instant results but they are not permanent. You will need to reapply the procedure on a daily basis for the change in the thickness of your hair. This is a long-term financial drain on your finances; one that you will need to budget for on a monthly basis, until you decide to stop using the product.

If you work out the cost of some of the cheaper options, but look at the long-term costs involved, often they come out more expensive than having a hair replacement procedure. You need to consider the financial implication of any treatment that you are considering and any maintenance costs that you will incur over a period; with a minimum of five years, this will allow you to judge the costs long-term.

The Kerafiber is a protein powder that attaches itself to the shaft of the hair, you need to set this powder with spray and this should give the impression that you have thicker and more hair in the areas that lack hair.

However, because of the system used, you need hair for the protein powder to stick to, this means that if you have very limited hair the protein is not going to attach to any hair shafts and the product is not going to work.

This indicates the amount of people the product can help is small, those individuals at the start of their hair loss system. If there is no hair and the patient wants some, this system just isn’t going to work.

The idea that this system is going to give instant access to more confidence in how you feel about your appearance. It is a temporary solution to a reduction in the amount of hair follicles that are working on your head. It is not a long-term solution to any problem. It is not addressing any of the issues that you might be experiencing and you will not have the support of a specialist to talk you through your long-term plan for your hair loss and the options that are open to you.

It is, therefore, important to look at the long-term costs involved in any treatment option that you consider; the cheapest option in the beginning might be the most expensive option long-term.


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