Growing Hair Follicles, Might be something NEW!

The future is looking positive with growing new hair follicles to replace those lost over time through baldness. These are exciting times within the scientific community, the progress of being able to grow skin and other body parts, enabling the possibility for transplants grown in the laboratory.

The development of the scientific procedures that has enabled scientists to progress to this stage has been a slow and difficult one. Generating skin cells that have the capabilities to produce hair follicles on a large-scale has seen many problems. But a breakthrough in the technology and development has allowed the future of hair transplants possible, where the follicle is grown in the laboratory, is no longer a pipe dream but has the potential of reality.

The recent success comes from stem cells grown on the mice; the success of these initial experiments is exciting. The potential for the future for those looking for a hair transplant with follicles grown in the laboratory is not a distant hope, but a true possibility, in the next few years.

Currently the only way to perform a hair transplant is to remove hair follicles from a donor area on the recipient’s body. If there are no follicles available, then it is currently impossible for a hair transplant to take place. Often the donor site is on the back of the head, for eyebrow transplants the donor area is typically behind the ear.

The creation of getting stem cells from dermal fibroblasts is the most vital part of the process. This area has allowed the skin, created artificially, to grow and develop the follicles that regenerates the hair, which is part of the transplant process.

Growing and developing skin and hair follicles has other areas of benefit; it can lead to some large potential developments in other areas of medical science and this is just one area where skin and hair follicle development is important.

It is not understood by those who haven’t experienced the loss of hair and the effect this can have on a person’s confidence. It generates hope that by understanding how to grow follicles and the process they need, this can have further effects on reducing hair loss before it stops growing. Having options that can restore hair growth is important for a person, whether it is a man or a woman. Hair loss is difficult to accept for many people and looking for ways in which this process is reversible is key. There are procedures that are in place, which can help with this process now, but then as techniques improve, so, too, will the results and the process involved in the hair transplant procedure. The future of the hair transplant industry is now but just at the beginning of the journey.

Therefore, the next few years as the process develops and the way scientists improve the techniques, will be exciting for the hair transplant field. The potential for this to develop is fantastic, the possibilities for the future awe-inspiring.


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