Should you use Propecia?


There are a number of reasons that if you are considering to use Propecia that you are fully aware of the risks that you are taking. This drug is not purchasable without a prescription; it can cause more problems than what it actually solves.

This drug is for men only; women and children must not take the drug or even touch the active ingredients on the inside, this can do them harm. If a pregnant woman touches the ingredients it can affect the unborn child, causing abnormalities in the genitalia of boy foetus and this is not something any parent will want to deal with.

There is no evidence to support the idea that this drug helps a receding hairline, but it can help restore hair on the top of the head. As with many medications, the hair growth returns to pre-medication state when stopping the medication.

As the medication is only available on prescription, you need to consider the cost of the medication over a period of time. Buying medication is a costly way in returning the hair to a natural state, pre-hair loss, with no safety guarantees of the effect on the body with the continued use of a drug that needs constant topping up, or the hair loss returns.

There are more cost-effective methods for replacing the hair, changed because the effects of genetics on the thickness and quality of the hair shaft. It is possible that some hair transplant procedures are less expensive and time-consuming over a period of time.

What is a more important are the effects that taking this prescription only drug can do to the health of your body. If you are allergic to Finasteride, then you must avoid Propecia completely; however, this is not the end of the problems. Many people are conscious of the hair loss and it can affect their confidence and ability to lead a normal life, but by taking this drug it can lead to depression. Depression is not a condition that you should take lightly and can cause even more problems, which often are difficult to express.

This drug can affect the results of blood tests designed to detect prostate cancer, this is a life threatening condition and beating this comes from early detection; if the symptoms are not recognised and the diagnosis missed, the prognosis of a full recovery is very slim.

The side effects from this drug can have a negative impact on your health; it can lead to complications in diagnosis of other illness that are more serious in nature than hair loss.

It is therefore vital that you consider all the affects that taking this drug can have on your health, now and in the future. If you are going to cause future illness screening to fail and the early diagnosis of a condition that is life threatening, add this to the potential of causing mental health issues, which are not easy to deal with, along with the cost of the drug, consider carefully if this is your best option.


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