Caffeine Rich Shampoos

It is possible to purchase caffeine rich shampoo’s that are beneficial to the health of your hair and can promote hair growth, these are the claims made by many of the manufacturers of these products.

The concept of these products is for the caffeine to penetrate the hair shaft and the hair follicle in the desire to strengthen and improve the quality of the hair. Most of these shampoos need a minimum of 2 minutes on the hair for the caffeine to have time to penetrate the hair follicle and provide health benefits.

However, these products, not designed to solve the hair loss condition. With the aim to increase the hair shaft and follicle quality. To make the hair appear thicker, by saturation of the hair shaft with the caffeine. It makes the hair appear thicker and fuller, but in reality, it has not changed the hair quality, it can sometimes act as a catalyst for poor quality hair as it can have a drying effect on the hair shaft as well as the scalp.

One of the side effects that many people experience with this type of shampoo is inflammation of the hair follicle and this can cause premature hair loss as part of the symptoms of the inflammation.

These caffeine rich shampoos are able to reduce the moisture of the head and scalp and can cause drying of the skin, this can lead to flaky skin called dandruff. If a shampoo, designed to protect and strengthen the hair, but can lead to the drying of the hair shaft and scalp, this could indicate that the formula isn’t conducive for the long-term benefit of the hair.

Any effects that you do see from using the product, from the hair feeling thicker and fuller and even softer are short-lived benefits and are not going to benefit the hair shaft long–term. It is important if you are considering using these products that you consider the long-term benefits and if they are going to cause more problems than they cure.

The science behind these products is the caffeine used to protect the hair shaft and the follicle from the effect of testosterone. Testosterone; a major factor in hair loss, it is the high levels of this chemical that plays an important part in the amount of hair loss experienced, those people with higher levels experience greater hair loss.

If caffeine blocks this chemical from attacking the hair follicle and hair shaft, this might protect the hair and reduce the amount of hair loss experienced.

However, a shampoo isn’t a long-term answer for hair loss. Talking your condition through with a hair specialist who are able to go through the risks and the different options that are open to you is the best option. It is a long-term treatment with any shampoo, stopping treating will return the hair to the original state.

Discussing your current needs and treatments available will allow you to understand fully any treatments that are suitable to meet your needs.

Hair Loss is for Any Age


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