Food and Hair Growth?

Promoting Hair Growth With Food

Looking after your hair is more than just ensuring it is clean, you can promote great quality hair with the food that you eat. Your body needs certain requirements to function properly. Giving too little of the food it requires for complete health, can mean the body sacrifices some areas to ensure the main parts of your body are healthy.

The body can work without hair and this is often the first area where the body stops sending nutrients if they are in short supply. This will make poor quality hair and can result in it falling out.

Foods to eat to make healthy hair:

Getting a balanced diet can seem like an odd thing if you are looking to improve your hair and to ensure that you are supporting it through to the future.

  • Food high in protein is essential for great hair. Hair is a high percentage of protein, up to 90%. Ensuring there is plenty of protein to allow the new hairs to grow and the hair already in place to receive the nourishment it needs, too. With some great sources of protein include poultry, salmon, eggs and lentils; any combination of these foods will help to ensure plenty of protein.
  • Vitamins are essential for healthy hair, some mysteries exists that baffle scientist as to how these help the hair to grow healthy, but they are a proven requirement for great hair including vitamins A, B and C have all earned their place in quality hair production.
  • Minerals that play an important part in the health of your hair are iron and zinc; both of these are in many different fruits and vegetables, but they are also in eggs.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential ingredient for the body, they are in a number of different products, but often in very small quantities, making it essential that you have a variety in your diet to ensure you are eating enough. Food like salmon and walnuts have this body essential ingredient. The hair shaft has just 3% of fatty acids, but they are an essential building block which, if missing could play a part in reduced hair quality and shedding.
  • Super foods, these are foods packed full of the goodness our body needs including high concentration of vitamin C. Super foods include blueberries, but these small fruits can do more for the health of your hair, they have anti-inflammatory properties. Sometimes hair can fall out through inflammation in the skin, the blueberries can help to combat this problem, working from the inside out.
  • Hydration plays an important control of the body; dehydration is not good for the hair or the body.

Therefore, if you are thinking about improving the health of your hair then it is important to think about the food that you are putting into your body. This affects how the hair looks and feels; it can also prevent the hair from falling out due to a lack of the right vitamins and minerals.


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