Stem Cell Hair Restoration

There are many reasons for a dip in your confidence as you age. It comes from the changes that happen on the inside and how they affect how you feel on the outside. Changes in body shape are at the top of most people’s lists, but with the right diet and exercise plan designed for you these changes are controllable. Up until recently there were changes that you had either to accept as part of the aging process or use different disguises to combat the problem like the thinning of the hair or going completely bald.

The options up to this point have been limiting, but as technology has improved so too has the options that are open to you. Hair transplants are a popular choice, but up until recently, the only way a hair transplant could proceed is if there is enough donor follicles available. If insufficient hair follicles are present on the body then it is not possible for the transplant to happen.

However, there is new hope, hope for the future of hair transplant. A new technique, where growing follicles and skin using stem cells is happening, the technique is still in development. At present the new skin and hair follicles grown in the laboratory are on the backs of mice. The future for the hair transplant is exciting. There is the opportunity for those people who have limited hair follicles for the process of the transplant to happen.

This stem cell research has opened the doors in the future for those people who have conditions that limits hair follicles, or who have no follicles at all. These people have had little hope in the past as to their ability to regrow their own hair. The ability to have hair that many people take for granted is life changing, fitting in and feeling normal can make a person feel confident.

A boost in a person’s confidence is life changing; they can feel good about how they perceive themselves. Giving the person who has lost the ability to grow their own hair a chance at hair growth, this is a chance that until recently was not an option.

At present, the process of a hair transplant requires the person to have sufficient hair follicles on their body with which they can use in the transplant. Often these hair follicles come from the head, if using for an eyebrow transplant the follicles come from behind the ear, a hair transplant is normally from the back of the head. If these areas have limited hair follicles then there is little likelihood of the transplant being able to proceed.

Therefore, with the improvement in technology and the ability for the hair follicle to grow and giving the opportunity to individuals, who previously were unable to consider a hair transplant.

This technology is opening the doors for more research and development in the ability to grow the follicles in the laboratory and prevent the need for donor removal before the procedure takes place. This technology is changing the hair transplant options available.


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