Taking A Pill To Reduce Baldness

In the UK, a study of a pill taken once a day that reduces baldness. This trial was for two years and the results proved that this medication has positive effects on reducing hair loss and increasing the amount of hair on the body.

The percentage of reported hair growth was over 60%, this is great results and it allowed doctors to see the results for themselves over this period.

The medication taken contained the chemical Propecia, this drug and the hair growing properties after treatment has been available in the USA since 1998. America has allowed the development and treatment of patients for a long period of time and the best thing about the drug is the small fraction of side effects that have been noted.

The positive effect the drug has on the hair and the ability to promote new hair growth is a step in the right direction. Hair loss causes many symptoms and illnesses that restoring the hair growth can reduce, as well as building up a person’s confidence.

Hair loss and the feelings that are often associated with this can lead to depression and feelings that can make everyday living difficult to deal with especially if the baldness occurs at a young age.

Reducing the stress of hair loss and seeing visible signs of hair growth is important at boosting a person’s confidence. This study was the first one conducted in the UK, the medication is not available on the NHS it is still possible to get the medication by asking for a private prescription, however, the cost of the tablets increase with a private prescription.

The research completed on the main ingredient, Propecia, has demonstrated its ability to block the actions of testosterone and this decreases further loss of hair.

Even though this medication has been available for some time, it is an important step forward when another country has had tests that are long-term to study the effects of the drug. The side effects of taking this drug are minimal, many feel the few effects outweighs the new hair growth and the stopping of further hair loss.

However, it is important to realise that even though this treatment now available in the UK, once you stop taking the medication the effects of the drug wear off you are going to go back to the first problem of a receding hairline and or bald spots.

The only long-term treatment that doesn’t involve repeated monthly cost, or constant treatment is a hair transplant. However, getting independent advice as to the best treatment option for your own circumstance is important. The information that you are given will be individual to your needs, it will take into count your age and the hair loss that you have experienced before a recommendation about your long-term hair loss plan.

Therefore, if you are considering the option of an oral medication you must consider the long-term costs involved.


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