Thickening your hair?

Hair Thickening Products And Shampoos


There are products that are available that claim they can help in the fight against hair loss and receding hairlines. Each of the products that claim to fight the hair loss contain chemicals that bind to the hair or penetrate into the scalp.

The aim of these products is to increase the strength in the hair, to reduce the follicle from becoming weak and strengthening the hair, and to stimulate growth.

New and exciting products claim the progress made in the hair protection is growing. One chemical compound, filloxane, is taking the markets to a new level. This compound, once applied to the hair absorbs into the hair shaft and binds with the keratin fibres, which form the hair shaft, making it stronger, thicker and giving a fuller feel. The claims that are going along with this product is an increase in the hair shaft by more than 60%, but many people are calling for more evidence of the claims; seeing the thickness of the hair shaft, after treatment under microscopic conditions, would allow a detailed analysis of the chemical and the effects that it can have on the hair.

Until this happens, the only evidence is from the customers who are using the products and seeing the results, which are very positive. At present this chemical is found in a brand of shampoo, but the possibilities for this product is yet to fully take on the hair restoration market.

There are other products with chemicals that are more well-known to the properties and how they affect the hair growth. These chemicals include Minoxidil and Trioxly; these chemicals and their benefits they offer the hair restoration process. Both of which are known for the slowing down or the complete stopping of the hair loss in some people.

Thickening of the hair fibre allows the hair to appear thicker and this can give a person the confidence needed to live a normal life. Some of these products help the hair to look thicker, but whilst they might appear to work on the outside, and allow you to feel confident, they are a short-term solution; when you stop using the product the hair will return to its previous state. There is also a concern for the cost of the products available, because long-term they are not the cheapest option, they offer a short-term solution.

There are products available that might be able to help you with hair growth; they are often designed with the short-term usage. These products are available without any medical advice or knowledge and this can cause problems. It is important that you talk through your condition with a qualified hair specialist, because they know more details about the growth of hair and can advise you on a personal level as to what is going to work for you and provide you with all the correct information.

Therefore, whilst these products do have a place in the market, understanding what they can do for you is important before you begin to use them.


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