Transplants: The Perfect Age


Hair transplants are quickly becoming the best way to combat the problem of going bald. Techniques and processes are improving and for men and women turning to this system is a natural progression.

However, there is a problem having the transplants too young; this can cause serious problems with the way the transplant looks, resulting in tufts of hair, which have grown from the transplants. However, because of the premature hair loss before the procedure, the results can look sub-standard.

A receding hairline or going bald is common for young adults to experience; however, exploitation by surgeons who are looking to make money is not going to benefit the hair transplant industry.

When you visit a surgeon to discuss a hair transplant, it is important that you look at the whole picture of your hair loss, to ensure that before the procedure you have stabilized the current hair loss. This is through a number of different treatment options; your surgeon will recommend the right one for you. Understanding the hair loss will allow the surgeon to plan the best time for your procedure. It might take three or four years from your first consultation to the procedure, if you have not allowed time for the aging process and the full extent of the condition to mature to a point that after surgery, there is no potential for further hair loss.

Many surgeries are reporting the need for corrective procedures, due to the lack of understanding and cashing in on prospective clients with the promise of great results, but not delivering them. If a patient is too young when performing the surgery, then the results are life changing, but in a way, you don’t want.

Scarring from a procedure will reduce the options that are open to an individual in the future. A scalp, which is too tight, is not suitable for the donor procedure, and this can cause problems in correcting a poor quality hair transplant. A FUE transplant is the only alternative and is a long process for the corrective surgery.

There are no guarantees that a hair transplant is going to work because of the possibility that the hair follicles reject the move. Unfortunately, there are some less skilled surgeons that are performing the transfer in order to exploit the young and vulnerable individuals who have sought their help.

There is a need for stricter guidelines, which ensures these procedures are happening at the right age and only after a consultation, with a plan to meet the individual person’s needs to combat their hair loss.

It is important to the industry worldwide, that regulations in place are there to protect those individuals from unnecessary corrective surgery. A procedure on an individual where no discussions on how to prevent future hair loss or discussing long term care is not acceptable.

Thereby, specifying an age helps to regulate this practice of performing hair transplant procedures on “too young” individuals but does this go far enough?


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