An Unshaven Hair Transplant

Hiding the fact you have had a hair transplant, for some people is the only way they will consider the procedure. Until recently, this meant that some people would be unable to have the procedure.

However, with the increase in technology in this area the future is now the present day with this option now available. The technique relies on the FUE system, the Follicular Unit Extraction; the doctor performing the procedure does need specialist training in this field.

The donor area and the recipient area is left unshaven, it takes skill and patience to not only chose the right hair follicle, remove it with hair shaft attached, trim this down to the transplant size and place it in the site required, whilst at the same time dealing with normal lengths of hair that are to stay in place.

Whilst this procedure is possible with minimum pain and redness, there is always evidence of the procedure if clipping of the hair. With the unshaven option, this allows the hair already in place to stay and the ability to cover these red patches and reduce any signs that you have had the procedure performed.

This procedure takes skill, and naturally, with the shaven head it makes the procedure less obvious, as well as easier to perform. This is because you are able to see the sites clearly, where the transplants will go.

A doctor who has helped with the work to establish a way to perform the unshaven hair transplant is Dr Kouremadu Zioga. He has spent years perfecting the techniques needed for the unshaven transplant.

The reasons for a hair transplant are relatively common, with a lack of hair on the head, and this can reduce a person’s confidence in their own ability to live their life to the fullest. Primarily, one of the big contributors to reducing the hairline is in the genetics of a person; the genetic code embedded with a programmed time for the receding hairline to begin.

What this creates is an individual schedule on when you will start to lose your hair, there is no given time when the process will begin. The process will depend on many factors including stress, as to when you first notice your hair thinning.

The concept of a hair transplant has become a more acceptable form of treatment for men; however many women also suffer from baldness and with the option of having the procedure completed without any shaving of the transplanting area, this does allow more women to opt for the surgery knowing they don’t have to share the procedure with anyone else. It will become a personal choice as to whom you share knowledge of the procedure; no longer will you have the classic signs.

This allows for further development in this area because of the ability to hide the plantation of hair follicles. The growth of the hair and the thickening out will take time and look natural as it grows into and amongst your hair.

However, you must remain cautious because this treatment requires specialist training; it is essential you check out, prior to the procedure, the doctor who is performing it to make sure they are qualified.


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