The FDA Rules

Trying to understand the rules that govern products, which claim to restore hair, is very interesting. External products are things that you put on the body to restore hair; if they don’t have FDA approval then the product is illegal. There are two drugs with FDA approval for use in hair restoration products.

However, it is important to understand the products, which you apply to the head or other areas; if you stop the application, over time your hair will return to the same condition it was in before your started treatment.

The FDA released a statement in 1989 declaring any company which tried to sell an external product that claims to restore hair without the FDA approval, then legal action against the company to remove the product from sale would commence.

The FDA is not scared to fight for the consumers, protecting them from potentially dangerous products. Injunctions banning the sale of products, even removal of goods; so, too, are the fines and jail for not just the manufacturers but also distributors.

Fighting for the consumers also, is the Federal Trade Commission, the FTC; if a company puts misleading information on their products, they face prosecution from the FTC. The FTC also seeks compensation for the consumer, looking to get back the money spent on the item with false claims.

This is great news for the consumer, but where do they go to get the right products and the right advice for their hair care situation? Going to businesses that are professional, where staff training is an important part of daily life and the qualification and the professionalism of the clinic is a vital component.

You will find this dedication and a great reputation at the Katona Hair Restoration clinic. It is at clinics which are professional and aim to produce great results for their clients, putting their needs before unnecessary work or recommending work that is inappropriate for the patient.

There are products available that don’t meet the guidelines, or they fill you with false hope for a cure for baldness. It is important that you report this to either the FTC or the FDA. It means you are protecting other people from wasting their money or falsely believing in a product that doesn’t have FDA approval.

There are also products that claim to be real, but if you purchase them on the internet, there are no guarantees what you are buying and the damage you can do to your body by using them. Sometimes, the chemical is stronger than FDA approval or the drug is not present. These drugs are dangerous and you should not buy them from unregulated websites.

Again, it is important that you seek specialist advice and Doctor Katona is there to ensure any recommendations he makes are all FDA approved treatments.

Therefore, if you are looking for treatment for hair loss then it is vital to your health that you get the right treatment, going to a clinic that offers a professional service, like the Katona Hair Restoration Clinic is a great option.


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