Potential Scams In Hair Restoration

With the large number of hair loss clinics springing up around the world that claim to restore hair using the latest technology, it is important to beware of the potential of a scam to con you out of your money, while providing a poor service.

It is important that qualified staff run the clinic you choose to use. Here at Katona Hair Restoration Clinic the staff training is very important and Dr Katona is fully qualified to perform the treatments. However, there are some clinics that are using untrained staff and you need to know of any potential problems, which can arise from having treatment performed by unqualified doctor.

You run the risk of poor results and infections, while it is not always possible to prevent an infection, the care which you receive is important to help prevent any post operation problems.

These clinics who offer poor service are cheap, they seem too good to be true and is often the case. A poor quality hair transplantation is going to cause problems long-term, money for the first treatment and then again to correct the problem. The trauma of going through a procedure more than once to correct the mistakes is not easy, there are often complications that are present because of the first botched attempt.

It is vital that you check out your clinic to ensure they are fully qualified and approved to perform the procedure. It is normally possible to check online if there is any negative feedback from past clients as to the competence of the facilities and staff.

Ask to talk to past clients to see if they would recommend the services and their experience of the procedure they had. If they mention anything in a less than positive light this should ring warning bells and you should look elsewhere for the procedure.

We, here at Katona Hair Restoration Clinic, pride ourselves on the work we perform and we have even filmed a few procedures that you can watch, you can view them here.

Talk to our clients who have opted to have their treatment here with us, some clients are happy to discuss the process and to show off their results. Contact us in the clinic to allow us to put you in contact with previous clients.

Protection is important, we want to publicize the problems of clinics that perform procedures which they are not qualified to do. It is a problem that we are seeing more of and we, at the Katona Hair Restoration Clinic, want to put an end to unlicensed practices that put people’s hair restoration and their lives at risk.

Therefore, if you are thinking about dealing with hair loss ensure you find a licensed clinic, the staff at Katona Hair Restoration would be happy to talk to you and to book an appointment to discuss the options open to you and your current condition.


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