2 day Hair Transplant

Losing your hair is not something that many people want to consider and knowing that if you opt for a hair transplant, you are going to have to wait about 4-6 months to see the results; but what if you could get immediate results with a full head of hair? If you have a particular event that you want to attend and want to look your best with a full head of hair, but ultimately you haven’t thought far enough into the future to plan the procedure in time, what are your options?

If you presented this problem to a hair specialist before 2004, you would have the surgery but with no possible opportunity for seeing a full head of hair for about a year. However, with the work by the amazing Brazilian, Dr Marcelo Pitchen, this is no longer the case.

Dr Pitchen was the first doctor to perform a long hair transplant on a patient in 2004, the first time using this technique and the results are fascinating.

This procedure allows the patient to have longer hair, as well as the hair follicles transferred into the receptive area, and once the process is complete it gives the recipient the look that they will be able to achieve in approximately a year’s time, when the regrowth starts to appear. He used the FUT technique.

The long hairs transplanted in to the recipient area will fall out in approximately 4 – 6 weeks, giving the opportunity to enjoy a festivity or engagement with a full head of hair before the process of the re-growth starts to take effect with the shedding of the hair shaft.

The results of the procedure will depend on a number of factors with the main one being the skill of the doctor performing the operation, if they are able to provide a high proportion of hair follicles in high density positioning, the results will look better. However, this procedure is difficult and the operation can take over eight hours to perform. Dr. Katona had completed 1000’s of these procedures. He now uses the FUE technique which is No Cutting, No Stitches, and No Staples. Often he will make the procedure be a 2 day event. You will come in for half and then the next day come back for the 2nd half. It is best because then your scalp can heal.


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