Have you ever wondered why some athletes are bald or have little hair whilst others have the best hair ever? There are some interesting facts that go hand in hand with athletes and their hair.

While they are still susceptible to the same conditions for losing their hair because, naturally, they have the genetic markers which tell the body when or if a person is going to go bald, the same as everyone else. There are other reasons that can affect their hair too.

Eating a healthy diet with all the right nutrients and minerals, providing the right ingredients for the body to function well, will provide the hair with the right conditions with which it can grow strong and healthy. This is noticeable in the athletics field with some sportsmen and women supporting what can seem like the perfect head of hair.

However, those athletes that train excessively hard, who are becoming elite athletes, the best in their field, they are putting the potential for a full head of hair at risk. High endurance training reduces the amount of testosterone found in the body, this is great if you are looking to retain your hair for longer, but men need certain levels of testosterone in their bodies so the need to balance out training without decreasing the levels of testosterone is difficult.

While there are instances in athletics and other sporting activities to keep body hair to the minimum as it can reduce a person’s performance, there is a fine balance to keep.

It is important you realise the need to take care of your diet and your health, to ensure you are not putting your hair at a higher risk of hair loss due to the diet and fitness levels.

However, whilst the reduction of testosterone in athletes who are still young and need to balance out the levels of testosterone, higher levels of this chemical are found in those people who are losing their hair. Turning to exercise might be a natural way to fight the hair loss, but the level of exercise you will need to notice a difference, is intense.

One area you must also take into consideration, people in the public eye will turn for professional help quicker because it can affect their sponsorship deals if they let their appearance falter.

It is up to the client if they choose to tell the world of their procedure, some celebrities choose to share whilst others keep their cosmetic procedures private.

However, what is important, is getting the specialist advice from doctors like Dr Katona, rather than putting off the consultation and trying all the home remedies that pass down through the generations. These home remedies just don’t work, there could be a reason for your hair loss and getting medical attention in the beginning could save you from losing more hair than you actually need to.

Therefore, it is important to realize that eating a healthy diet and focusing on the items you fuel your body with can help promote great hair, exercise, which pushes a person’s physical capabilities could play an important part in lowering the testosterone in their body preventing hair loss.


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