Diagnosis for Hair Loss

If you worry about hair loss then you are not alone. There are people all around the world at this moment worried about an increase in the amount of hair that is falling out. What is interesting to understand, there is a relatively quick diagnosis as to the cause of your hair loss and to either help to restore your hair or to find other solutions in hair re-growth.


You age will play an important reason as to your hair loss. As a person ages there are genetic markers that can indicate to the hair follicle to cease production of new hair follicles, this, added to hair naturally becoming thinner as you age, can give a greater impact of your hair loss.

Telogen Effluvium

This is a hair loss condition which is the result of stress, but can happen under different circumstances; it is usually associated with an increase in the levels of stress a person feels. This could be stress at work, an illness, even an accident; the length of time the condition stays with a person will depend on the resolution of the external factor that causes the stress.


While hypothyroidism can cause thinning hair and hair loss, not everyone who has this condition do not all experience the hair loss. It depends on the individual, how their body reacts to a poorly functioning thyroid.

Iron deficiency

It is important to remember to eat a healthy diet if you want to give your hair the best chances of looking great and feeling great, without hair loss. A person who is lacking in iron will find their hair does start to reduce because the body needs iron to function and the first place the body refuses to send a mineral that is lacking in the diet, is to the hair.

Alopecia Areata

There are different forms of Alopecia. This condition stops the hair growth, it can be in patches or from the whole body; it depends on the strain of the condition as to the severity of the hair loss. There is hope for the future for a cure for some forms of this illness, or at the very least a treatment, but medication to treat this condition is still in trial.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

This condition affects women; it relates to their ovaries. While this condition can go unnoticed, there are symptoms that relate to the hair because there is an increase in the levels of testosterone. This in turn will have an effect on hair loss on the head, but can increase hair growth on other body areas.


While looking good is important you must understand that this can contribute to the amount of hair that falls out. Putting your hair under stress by heating, covering it in products that claim to make it fuller and thicker, can have a long-term effect on the hair and an increase in hair loss as the result.

Therefore, while hair loss is a difficult subject to discuss, understanding what is causing hair loss is an important first step to resolving the problem.


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