Hair Restoration Remedies

There are claims for hair restoration that include myths which cure baldness, including the remedy used by Queen Victoria that she believed would cure her problem.

Queen Victoria drank the sap of the Silver Birch tree; she believed it had properties that would restore the hair on her head. Unfortunately, before you rush out and buy the tree, the remedy doesn’t work.


However, over the years people have looked for a cure for restoring a full head of hair. The problem which many people struggle with is the fact that even though it isn’t a life threatening condition, many people have problems when their hairline starts to recede.

A lack of confidence is debilitating and can affect the way a person feels and can impede on their quality of life. It is easy to spend a lot of money on products and services that claim to have the answer to your hair loss problem and only a few of them will get results that improve the hair quality. Unfortunately, there is only one solution which will continue to grow hair after the course of treatment has finished, and that is the hair transplant procedure.

What is important to remember with the hair transplant procedure, the results are only as good as the surgeon. If you chose a poor quality surgeon, and just considered the price, there is often a reason for a poor result: namely, poorly trained surgeons. It is great if you can get personal recommendations about the clinic which you should attend, but often these discussions don’t happen; which is why it is vital you check out the clinics before you attend an appointment, make sure they have the qualifications to perform the procedures.

If any side effects concern you, with a hair transplant, there is potential for scarring or an infection. Whilst some of the other options have side effects which could hide a serious problem with the prostate, including the diagnosis of prostate cancer; delaying the treatment could have complications as to the treatment and the long-term prognosis of the cancer.

However, putting the side effects to one side, the results of the hair growth will be noticeably different from using a lotion that contains Minoxidil. You continue to apply for as long as you want to retain the hair growth. Alternatively, Finasteride, the tablet that contains the chemical Propecia, which is having some positive, results, again only whilst you are continuing taking the drug. Stopping use of the lotion or the tablet will return the hair to the original state, and the process of hair loss will continue.

If you are looking to stop the hairline receding, then you need to consider taking the advice of a professional hair specialist, who will guide you through the options that are open to you and advise you on the best course to meet your current needs.

However, there are many options open to you; it is important you consider looking into the details of any treatment thoroughly to make sure it is right for you.


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