Having a bad hair day can affect you?


Are you unsure about why your hair seems thinner and unsure of how to stop the process? Do you wish your hair were thick, like a few years ago? There are things you can do and actions you can take to prevent further loss or even repairing some of the areas that are now bald.

Hair is an important part of feeling normal in society. It can help the way you feel about yourself; having a bad hair day can reduce your confidence and ability to move forward with your life.

Any hair you have is important for some people’s emotional well-being and if you have experienced healthier and thicker, fuller hair, when it starts to feel thin it can affect how you feel. Hair loss can bring on the feelings of depression and wanting to avoid confrontation because of feelings that are stimulated by the actual hair loss.

Old age and getting older are all part of the association of losing your hair and this negative connotation can be detrimental to a person’s feelings towards their hair loss.

Genetic and hormonal changes in the body can influence how the hair looks and feels as well as some other medical conditions. One major factor in hair loss is an increase in the stress that you feel; it can even bring on an attack of a hair loss called telogen effluvium.

While hair loss is a natural process, it is important if you notice an increase in the amount of hair that you are losing, then seeking medical advice is an important course of action. Your doctor is then able to check for any medical reasons, which are associated with hair loss.

Talking to your doctor and ruling out any medical reason for your hair loss is important. However, what they won’t be able to do is to give you the specialist knowledge that you require to prevent further hair loss and to maybe restore the hair that has already disappeared.

It is important to find a hair specialist like Dr Katona who can look at your hair loss and put together a plan designed for you and your hair loss needs. Your plan will take into account your current hair loss and the cause of the loss before making any recommendations. Whilst for many people there are options, there are still a few cases where there might not be a treatment option, currently, but this could change in the future.

Therefore, if you are experiencing any hair loss, more than normal, or you are in any way worried about your hair, it is important to seek medical help to rule out the potential for any medical reason why your hair is falling out. Discovering the options open to you to restore hair growth and prevent further loss is important. It can help to restore a person’s confidence and to make them feel better about themselves.


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