The Chances Of Going Bald

Many individuals worry about the possibility of going bald.

photo 3a

The genetic makeup of a person can help identify those individuals who are going to develop some type of hair loss. However, the need to map these markers is not relevant at present. There are some clues that could indicate a tendency to lose hair at some point in your life.

Taking note of the hair loss on your mother’s side is important, note if the baldness is just on the males of the family or if some of the women supported fewer hairs than necessary to cover the head. This is the best way to check if you are predetermined for genetic hair loss. Nevertheless, this isn’t a guarantee that you will lose your hair or when it will happen.

Some outside factors will play an important part in the timing of the hair loss. Being under a lot of pressure and dealing with stress is a big influencing factor to hair loss. The final outside factor that can influence your hair is the food that you eat. A poor quality diet is going to put a strain on the quality of hair that your body produces.

However, if you are facing an uncertain future that might result in hair loss there are answers that you might like to know before the event. Prevention is always better than trying to change something that has happened and talking to a hair specialist will give you the right advice from the offset.

Listening to old wives tales, or the latest fad on the internet could in the long-term be detrimental to the health of your hair. Getting the right advice could mean preserving what you have into the future.

There are no cures for going bald but there are options that can help. These include the over the counter medications that you can buy without prescription. It is important to note that it will require a financial commitment because these products need to be applied twice a day for as long as you don’t want to go bald; stop using the product and your hair will go back to the original condition before using the product or worse.

Laser lights inserted into caps stimulate the blood flow to the scalp and can promote hair growth are a great way to stimulate growth whilst going about your normal life.

Therefore, whilst these products could stimulate the hair to continue growing or even to delay the onset of genetic hair loss it is important to seek advice from a professional, like Dr Katona. Ensure the hair loss you are experiencing is genetic and not related to any medical condition that can result in a decrease in the hair and even hair quality.

Genetic hair loss is just one common cause of hair loss and it doesn’t mean a future wearing a toupee or sporting the classic ‘comb over’ style. There are options open to you that could eliminate these choices.


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