What Is Nioxin

This isn’t a new company or particular new products but the company and the products do seem more focused on advertising. The company was established in 1987 and while many people have suggested the products, which this company produces can help in the battle to prevent hair loss, the company themselves have been very careful not to use these claims, because they would need FDA approval and at present there is no sign of this.

The company creates products under the typical heading of shampoos, conditioners and other hair treatment products. The aim of the products vary but to categorise them they clean and protect the hair and the scalp.

Some experts look at the properties of these products and can see the preventative aspects from using products that aim to clean the hair and the scalp. It infuses with the hair making it look thicker and fuller. This is by providing the hair with the nourishment that it needs, in essence, it is feeding the hair, ensuring the hydration and health of the hair is in the best condition possible.

The shampoo can remove the sebum from the scalp, this is the oily compound secreted naturally by the skin, but too much can block pores where the hair follicle is trying to produce a new hair shaft. It can also remove any mites that naturally live in the hair, this means the hair is completely clean and this is essential for healthy hair and hair growth.

People who use the products do claim that their hair feels thicker and better after using one or more of the Nioxin range, but this is due to the products applied to and any dirt removed, so while it feels thicker and healthier, in fact it is just clean and nourished hair.

The system recommends a three-stage approach with a cleanser for the hair and the scalp, a hair nourishing process and a scalp treatment too. The company produces a number of different products suitable for different hair types.

Not all hair is the same and Nioxin has identified the key areas that can affect the quality of the hair and have created and target products in these areas, which can have the appearance of healthier hair and a healthier scalp too. The company have confidence in their products and it is possible to choose the right system for you from your local hair stylist.

However, what this system is not claiming to do is to restore any hair that you have lost or even to prevent further hair loss. If you are worried about any form of hair loss you need to speak to a specialist like Dr Katona, he is able to give you the information about your condition and the best course of treatment for you. He can recommend treatment for hair that has disappeared or receded; detailing what you can do to protect the hair that you have left, and to find a treatment option that can help to save your hair in the future.


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