Understanding Diffuse Hair Loss

Diffuse hair loss is seen in both men and women, but more women than men experience this type of hair loss. The hair looks and feels thinning, with less hair covering the scalp. Sometimes this condition is referred to as telogen effluvium.

There are many causes for the condition and it can be one or a combination of a few different symptoms.

  • The main medical condition you must check out is if you have a thyroid condition, this can have an effect on the hair. It is more difficult to restore normal hair growth if there is a medical condition causing the problem.
  • Stress is one of the higher factors, which can cause a thinning of the hair, it affects other areas of the body, but if you notice you are stressed, then you might need to change your life to reduce the stress and hopefully restore your hair.
  • Sleep is part of life and getting enough sleep is important, it allows for normal bodily functions and great quality hair.
  • Medications can affect the hair, if you are taking a contraceptive medication that has a form of hormone then this can have a negative impact on your hair.
  • As a woman ages, then there are changes in the body and these include menopausal symptoms, which can affect the body and the hair.

Treatment Options

Many different treatment options could bombard you with information as to re-growing your hair. The key to a successful hair regrowth is to eat a healthy diet with all the correct minerals and vitamins your body needs to be healthy. Exercise is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle and can help to reduce the stress that you are experiencing.

The food that we put into our bodies is shown through to the outside, poor food choices and poor exercise choice are shown through the look of the hair and the body. A poor diet is easily seen in the quality of the hair, getting the right nutrients in to your body is key to getting great quality hair.

These basic factors might be all you need to get you hair re-growing again. If you are at all concerned for the thinning hair on your head then the best advice is to talk to a specialist like Dr Katona. They will be able to take your situation and work out the best plan for you, stating which options are open to help the hair re-grow and what to do if the hair doesn’t come back.

It is important to listen to the specialist as to their suggestions for your hair re-growth.

photo 3a

Therefore, if you have experienced any form of hair loss including diffuse hair loss, there is hope for re-growth over time, but it is important to feed your hair the nutrients it requires and talking to a specialist is going to focus on your needs.


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