Hair Loss And Extensions with Women

Hair extrension

If you have noticed your hair looking or feeling thinner than normal, some options that are open to you to help improve the look of your hair and these are often available at a hair salon, but are they good for your hair or can they do more damage long-term.

Having hair extensions are just one option but they will not only give you longer and thicker hair, they can also add to the amount of hair loss that you can experience due to the increase weight and stress put on your hair strands and the follicles themselves.

If the hair extensions are the clip on version then these are less damaging to your hair than the extensions that last from 5 weeks up to 6 months. This is because of the way the extension attaches to the hair causing stress and extra weight.

The process of how the hair extension attaches to your hair is often the reason that these extensions can cause more damage long term. What is often noticeable is the fact many people who opt for extensions love them and return for more replacements when one set are due for replacements, making the hair even more likely to have experienced repeated damage to a relatively small area.

The heavier the extension and the more pressure on the follicles, the more damage you are causing. However, this is also true with the way the extensions attach to the hair, some involve heat, sewing, taping and even gluing these extensions into your hair, all of which can cause long-term damage.

This extra strain can result in temporary bald patches that resemble those that appear if you are suffering from alopecia areata, and this can result in a misdiagnosis.

The problem is the amount of tension that you are putting on those few hairs that you expect to hold the weight of the extensions. It is a lot of work for a small hair to do and whilst a hair strand is naturally strong, repeated abuse could result in breaking of the hair or an early shedding process to release the tension.

If you are concerned about hair loss then speak to your hair stylist to find ways which you can dry and style your hair to help it to look thicker, or to change the style if you are looking to grow the hair longer. These are all relatively easy hair solutions that the hair stylist is trained to do. However, what is important is not to discuss with them treatment options for thinning hair other than the basic style issues. They are not qualified to discuss this properly and it is advisable to go to a professional like Dr Katona, who will be able to advise you on the right course of treatment.

Therefore, while hair extensions might look nice, they could be contributing to potential problems with hair loss in the future.


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