What FDA Approval Means

There is confusion around what FDA approval can actually mean when it comes to products that are safe to use. Although some products even have FDA approval, it can be misleading because of the different variations and devices; sometimes it can be difficult to miss the facts that the product doesn’t cause harm, but it hasn’t had to go through rigorous testing regarding the claims made.

FDA on products

Sometimes the approval for the items can mean, it is safe to use and it is in not going to damage your health. However, it doesn’t mean that the FDA have run extensive tests on the product to ensure that it can help as per the claims. This includes the application for using a low-level laser for helping stimulate new hair growth. Whilst many of these products have FDA approval, because they have a number of claims regarding health benefits, intensive testing for these claims is impossible due to the way different people react.

There is no way of knowing if by following the guidelines, it is going to be for the right length of time or whether it is at the optimum level away from the head. You must consider all these if you are looking for a low-level laser to help regenerate hair.

The amount of uses, which the low-level laser is supposed to help with, is staggering. Some applications use this for hair removal and yet other products, obviously designed differently, use the low-level laser light as a simulator in hair regrowth.

What products can and can’t do, does get confusing and if there is any indication of FDA approval, it is going to make people believe that the product actually works.

This depends on the individual product as to the success rate; some are going to be better than others and whilst it is confusing, understanding the quality and the likelihood of a product working is essential.

However, there is a great way to ensure that if you are thinking of investing in this market, is to discuss this with a specialist. They will tell you what the recommended treatments are and if you are considering purchasing a low-level laser, they might make suggestions as to the appliances, which they feel, make great investments.

FDA on medications

The area where the FDA does give detailed guidelines on, these are products and medication, which you apply directly to the skin or taken in tablet form. If the item is natural herbs and other natural ingredients, again, they are not required to get approval from the FDA.

It might seem unfair that natural products claim to have benefits for the hair, but there is no way to prove those claims, because a healthy diet with the right vitamins and minerals will give you healthy hair.

Instead of spending money on unregulated products, talk to a specialist who deals in hair care, every day. They are aware of the products, which are FDA approved and they can go through the products that are suitable for you and will meet your requirements and needs.

Therefore, it is important that you understand what approval means to certain items, and you are aware that sometimes it is no guarantee the product works as per the manufacturer’s claims, just that it doesn’t harm a person’s health.


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