Understanding The ISHRS

The ISHRS, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, founded in 1993 with the aim to educate and promote hair restoration globally. This foundation is important; it not only helps doctors with recommendations to patients, it also provides information regarding the different practices and procedures for hair restoration surgery.


It is a global body and is there to help doctors in this field all around the world, promoting good practices and fantastic medical ethics to ensure that those doctors who are part of the society are following a set of guidelines that are standard no matter where you live.

An important part of the societies work is education; this allows people to understand the process in a more detailed way. They are then able to protect themselves from people claiming to have found a cure for baldness.

The better educated the public are about the different procedures that will help them, the less likely they will turn to people with false claims with products and services which are not registered and are not concerned with practising in a clean environment.

Unlicensed products and services flood the market and it is important to teach people how to recognise the difference in a product or service that is there to help you and a service that is full of false claims and lies.

It is with education globally that people will learn to protect themselves from fake and fraudulent products, which don’t work.

If you are looking for impartial advice, looking for a hair specialist in your area, then the ISHRS is the place. They are there to help the public, giving them the information to help them make the right decisions as to the options that are open to them with relation to their hair loss.

If there is any new information that will help the public, including new and exciting treatments that might help in the future with hair loss solutions, then the ISHRS will let the public know.

They are there for the doctors who specialize in the hair restoration process, helping to educate them further in the treatments available and to ensure that these doctors are performing to the highest standards of care and practice possible.

The ISHRS has over 1200 members worldwide and that covers over 60 different countries. This shows how large this society is and how important it is to keep all the countries working towards the highest standard of medical ethics in the field of hair restoration as possible.

They are also there for the potential patients who are looking for restoration surgery, or just answers to their questions about the process and the areas that the doctors should cover in the consultations.

Therefore, if you have any concerns about where to go for treatment or who to speak to first then it is possible to get this information and more from the ISHRS.


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