Are Low Level Lasers Suitable For Home Use?


Hair loss affects millions of people worldwide, it can have a negative impact on how they feel, their confidence and how they choose to live their lives. This is just one very good reason why companies around the world are looking into tapping into the pockets of these people, all claiming they have found the cure for going bald.

While this would be great for all those sufferers of hair loss, no products can cure hair loss, some can help restore lost hair, some can help to prevent further hair loss, but unfortunately, there is not a complete cure for the condition.

Some great treatment options, which are available in hair specialist clinics, can help, including low-level lasers. These treatments in clinics are under the supervision of your doctor and your head is exposed to low-level lasers that don’t emit any heat. However, they do benefit the scalp, they increase the circulation in the head and this stimulates the follicles because they are getting a better supply of blood, which holds all the nutrients that hair needs to grow.

The low-level lasers also help to reduce any inflammation on the scalp; inflammation is a known cause of hair problems because it can restrict and prevent the hair follicle from growing.

There are now low-level lasers available, offering the same clinical spectrum, which you will get from a machine situated in your hair specialists office, but in the comfort of your own home.

What is important to look out for are products that have the FDA approval. While some of these are great, it is important to understand that often the approval doesn’t reflect on the treatment, or if it is going to improve your hair. However, it must ensure that the product will not cause your body any actual harm.

Some have more detailed recommendations from the FDA than others and it is important that you find a good product that will improve the circulation in your scalp, as well as helping to improve your hair quality and quantity.

The price of these machines will vary and it is a great idea to discuss the options that are open to you with your hair specialist, they will be able to recommend the products that are going to give you the best value for money and guide you towards those products that work.

Therefore, if you are experiencing any form of hair loss, it is important to discuss these concerns with a professional who will be able to look at your individual case and make personal recommendations to improve your hair quality and to help prevent future hair loss, too.

Reach out to us today and we will look at your hair and discuss with you what you feel is the problem and what they recommend in form of treatment. The discussion will put you in a better position to understand the treatment options open to you, what will help you to improve your hair quality. At the same time, help to relieve the stress and anxiety felt when dealing with sensitive issues about your hair.


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