Looking After Your Scalp

It is important that you look after your head; the scalp is a sensitive area, which needs protection from the sun to ensure that it is as healthy as possible and reduces the risk of skin cancer on the scalp.

While you might cover your body in sun cream when you venture outside, what protection do you offer your head and your scalp?

sunburn head

It is important if you have bald patches that these have sun cream, as it is more obvious when these areas burn. Nevertheless, it is still possible to burn the other areas of your scalp, just because there is hair there doesn’t mean that it can’t get burnt too.

The easiest method to protect the scalp from the sun is to wear a hat; however, this is not always possible or practicable. It is important that you find a solution.

It is possible to use the sun cream that you use for your body, however it will be more difficult but it is worth thinking about protecting the scalp. There are products that are specifically for the head, it is important to put these on before sun exposure, if there is already a burn on the skin it could affect the scalp making the burn worse.

If you are going to go into the water, it is important that any sun cream you use is waterproof. This means that while you are in the water you are not going to burn. After leaving the water, check to see if you need to reapply the sun cream to ensure you fully protect your whole body.

If you do burn your scalp you will need to pay special attention, apply after sun to reduce the temperature of the burn and avoid going out in the sun with the potential to make the burn worse.

If the burn is deep and there are blisters forming, you might need to seek medical attention. It is possible for bacteria to build quickly and this can mean the burn can turn infected very quickly and getting the right treatment is key.

Not Just Sun can damage your head. 

Looking after your head is important if you are looking to save your hair from future loss. The hair is very forgiving for many years, but after time continued abuse of the hair can lead to poor quality hair and scalp.

The chemicals and the products that you use to style your hair will continue to have an effect on the quality of the hair and scalp. Some chemicals used to color hair can burn the scalp; this is painful. In addition, the products that are heated can burn the scalp, luckily, the hair is able to deal with the hot temperatures without showing signs of burning, but the hair shafts can quickly become dehydrated.

Therefore, it is important to protect the head and the scalp from damage from burns, either direct from the sun or from the products you use to style it.


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