Wigs for Childern

There are conditions that affect men and women around the world, which will make their hair fall out. However, you must never forget the children, who also have illnesses and their hair can fall out too.

Whilst there are great options for adults in the hair restoration, there are fewer options for children because there is hope that some of the conditions aren’t long term. However, they, too, will feel different and lack confidence; the same feelings as an adult but they have less understanding about why it happens to them.

Making them feel better and feel normal is often the main concern for doctors dealing with children. It is important children must have access to a wig that allows them to feel the same as other children.


Charities are a great way to help individual children to look and feel better by providing wigs. To make a wig look great and normal it needs natural hair to give it a normal feel.

It is possible to find a charity that are looking for hair donations, check out their requirements before you cut off your locks. Most charities are looking for hair from either men or women but it needs to be at least 7 inches long.

Children can and do suffer with cancers that mean chemotherapy treatments will cause hair to fall out. This isn’t all, children can suffer from different forms of alopecia too, and some of these conditions are lifelong. Sometimes hair loss is from pulling their own hair out, this is apparent in many young children and there is no explanation as to why, some explanations suggest a stress related issue but there is no confirmation of this theory. It is noticeable in both boys and girls before the teen years but quickly accelerates in the teen years with more girls than boys pulling out their hair.

Ringworm, which is a fungus, is a common cause for hair loss in children and is simple to cure. However, some of the other conditions just aren’t as simple. Including alopecia totalis, this means the child loses all the hair from their body and this includes the eyelashes and eyebrows. It is a very difficult time for any child dealing with hair loss and, to reduce the stress, getting a wig can be the perfect answer for allowing the child to feel accepted in society.

Therefore, whilst many adults worry about thinning hair, or hair loss associated with a medical condition it is important to remember the children that have less understanding about the world and how they deal with their own issues regarding hair loss. Whether it is pulling it out due to stress or if they are suffering from a medical condition that makes the hair fall out, they need help too, from the donation of hair to the creation of happiness in a child is priceless.


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