Why Have An Eyebrow Transplant?

A journey of over plucking or a natural thinning of the brow. Whatever your circumstances it is important that you discuss your concerns with a qualified doctor able to perform the eyebrow transplant.

As you mature the hair which you had previously can start to thin on the eyebrows too, it can be due to over plucking or just a natural decline in eyebrow hair.

It is also possible that while many eyebrows look naturally even, some just don’t grow and it can be a source of embarrassment. This can make a person feel uncomfortable about their appearance and hinder their choices in life, because they just don’t feel confident in their own abilities due to how they feel about their looks.

While those people without hair loss issues might not be able to appreciate the pain and the suffering that these people feel on the inside, it is important not to feel alone or embarrassed by your situation.

There is help available, talking to a hair specialist, or even your doctor, is important. Making sure the hair loss is not because of any medical condition is the first step. Some medical conditions can have a negative impact on your hair, but so, too, can some medications, therefore it is important that you check this with an expert first.

Talking to a specialist in the field of transplants is important; they will guide you through the process as to what you need to do and what you can expect. It will depend where the hair follicles are harvested as to the care you will need to provide after the procedure.

It is important to follow the advice of the doctor; they might ask you to reduce the risk of damaging the transplant and this can include not participating in some activities just for a short period to let the healing process take effect.

There is going to be minor evidence of the procedure on your eyebrows for a few days, it is important that you allow your body the time to heal and for the tiny scabs to fall off naturally.

There will be no visible sign of the procedure within 5 to 7 days post-op and this is fantastic, even in this healing period there is very minimal notice of the procedure taking place.

Often people who opt for this surgery are more surprised by the number of hairs being transplanted, this gives the fuller appearance that is desired by the modern trend.

Therefore, while you might not need an eyebrow transplant yourself, however, there are people that will benefit from the procedure giving them confidence and pride in how they look. It is an important aspect of hair restoration, helping people accept how they look and feel about themselves.

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Facial Hair Transplant Trend

There is an increase in hair transplants for beards and mustaches. Having the ability to grow full beards and mustaches isn’t easy for some people, it can affect their confidence.

With the F.U.E. procedure developing and more improvements over time, there is now an option for those who would like to grow a beard or a mustache. Facial hair growth can look patchy; it is often a sign of immaturity and only when a full beard develops does it become easier.

Beards have become popular in the media with male celebrities supporting the bearded look. However, it is important to realize that many of these men have had the additional support from a hair transplant to ensure a thick and even covering.

This type of procedure is important in some parts of the world with businessmen who get respect if they support a beard or a mustache. It becomes a tool, which they can use as a way to project themselves as mature and respectable.

The procedure is simple and straightforward with minimal fuss; any redness is quick to disappear, only lasting a few days. The transplanted hair follicles will fall out leaving behind the root, which will grow and mingle in with the beard already in place, making it look fuller.

The surgery itself is becoming even more popular, more than certain plastic surgeries. It is easy to see why a change in the fashion of men in the public eye can have a positive effect on men all over the world. Male grooming is big business and it is important they want to look and feel good too.

However, there are men affected with scars on their face. This can make a person feel uncomfortable with their appearance, being able to cover up scars with a natural treatment that encourages hair growth, is a solution.

Therefore, there are reasons why a person might consider the concept of having a hair transplant to improve the look of their beard or mustache. It can hide scars or improve their standing in the business community, or purely for cosmetic reasons, wanting the fullest beard or mustache possible.

The procedure is relatively easy and the results will come through in a few months, where you notice the thickness and a more even coat of hair on your face.

It is an option that you should consider if you are considering growing a beard or mustache and worry about thinning hair or an uneven spread of hair. This is sounds like something you are interested in please reach out to Katona Hair Restoration for your free consultation today!