How To Hide A Hair Transplant

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If you are contemplating hair transplant surgery and have worries about what people will think, you can deal with this in a few ways. Prior to modern technology becoming available, the recovery process was longer, the scars were visible for a longer period and in truth, the surgery was a major event that was difficult to hide unless you had a period to adjust and not just a few days.

With the improvement of the procedures, it is possible for there to be no visible signs of surgery even after a few days post-transplant. This will depend on a number of factors but it is possible that after 5 days the holes where the transplant happens are no longer visible.

Many people, including famous people, are becoming more open about going for a hair transplant surgery and this makes it easier for many people to comprehend that hair transplant surgery is becoming a more acceptable form to contemplate.

If you are open about the surgery it does cause less speculation as to what has happened and this is important for some people, it means less people discussing the options or procedures that you have gone through, without knowing the facts.

If you are thinking about or worrying how to hide, the procedure talk to the doctor that is performing the surgery. They might give you a guide to the period that the scars tend to be visible and maybe book this time off work.

One technique is to draw the attention away from the hair itself before the procedure, wearing a hat of some description, even growing a beard is a great way to take the emphasis off the hair itself and no one will realise that you have had the procedure because they have focused on other aspects of your appearance.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the process, which you are going to go through, and for this reason, it is important to discuss these concerns prior to surgery, so you have more information as to the outcome of the procedure and the recovery time you will need to allow post-surgery.

If you need options as to how you feel about your hair, it is important to discuss all options with your specialist. Some procedures might be more suitable than others; it is important to talk these through with your hair specialist. If you haven’t enough information, no matter how often you ask, then the specialist isn’t for you. Dr Katona will listen to your concerns and recommend a course of treatment that will meet your needs. He will go through the concerns which you have and put your mind at ease.

Therefore, if you are concerned about the after care, or the visibility of the procedure then you might want to talk about these with the doctor who is to perform the surgery; they are there to guide you through the process and are there for your after care, too.


12 Reasons You Are Losing Your Hair

Hair loss is not a new problem and it is not something, which just has one cure to fit all, but it does affect many people during the course of their lives and understanding some of the causes might help prevent you from losing your hair.

  1. Genetics play an important part in hair loss; if you have other family members who have experienced hair loss, the chances are high that you might have pattern baldness as you age, both men and women can suffer with this condition.
  2. Stress can have a negative impact on your overall health and this includes your hair, the higher levels of stress you feel the more likely you are to experience some form of hair loss.
  3. Women during and after pregnancy can experience hair loss as their bodies adjust to the changes that being pregnant can put on the body.
  4. Too much vitamin A in the body can have a negative impact on your hair; this is why it is essential to have a balanced diet. Don’t eat more than the recommended daily amounts for your body to look and feel healthy.
  5. Your body needs the right amount of protein to grow strong hair and if you have too little you will notice this in the quality of your hair.
  6. Hormones will affect your hair, if you are on a contraceptive device that releases hormones into your body that can have an effect on your hair quality.
  7. Anaemia or a lack of iron in your body will show through in your hair, it is essential that you give your body the right amount of iron that it needs to allow all aspects of your hair and body to thrive.
  8. Some medical conditions can have an effect on your body and hair. Your thyroid plays a crucial part in regulating various functions and if you have too little in your body, it can have a negative impact on your hair.
  9. Weight loss can have an impact on your hair, you are reducing the calories and food that you are consuming and this will show in the hair.
  10. Some medications that you take can have a negative impact on your hair, chemotherapy is one of the worst examples, this is because they are seeking out fast growing cells, typically cancer cells, but hair follicles are quick growing and are a side effect of the treatment.
  11. Drugs to help you improve your mood, like anti-depressants can increase the amount of hair that falls out and this can become a vicious circle as you need to boost how you feel but the medication you take can make your hair feel worse and this can increase your need for the medication.
  12. Illnesses that link to the auto-immune spectrum are often associated with higher risk of hair loss or hair thinning.

These are just a  few of the reasons as to why you might be losing your hair, if you feel that your hair quality is decreasing then it is important to discuss this with your doctor to rule out any medical conditions that could be causing the hair loss.

Scarring Alopecia


There are different reasons why you lose your hair, from a genetic problem to a more serious medical condition. One of these medical problems that causes hair loss comes with a variety of different names, from Graham Little Syndrome, Scarring Alopecia, Lichen Planopilaris and Graham Little Piccardi Lassueur Syndrome all refer to the same condition.

This condition presents mostly in women who are between 30 and 70 years of age. The actual cause of the hair loss and what triggers the condition, is unclear. The belief that it has a connection to the immune system fits into the theory of the condition, but there is no medical proof yet.

The condition has three clear characteristics, which always appear before a suggested diagnosis of the condition, a scalp biopsy is the confirming diagnosis.

The three characteristics of Graham Little Syndrome are:

  • Scarring hair loss on the scalp that is describable as patchy.
  • Hair on the groin and under the arms disappear, no scarring, just thinning hair or non-existent.
  • Bumps at the base of a hair follicle.

When doing the scalp biopsy they are looking for follicles that are not healthy and the skin is thin.

Treatment options for scaring Alopecia

A number of treatment options are available, focusing on halting the condition and not curing the hair loss that has already taken place. If you are looking for an option to replace the hair already lost, then this will need to discuss with a specialist, they can go through the case with you.

The treatment options:

  • Thalidomide: this medication created birth defects in the 1950’s and so birth control is vital whilst on this drug. It does have great results for skin conditions but some countries won’t use it at all.
  • Ciclosporin: this suppresses the immune system and is typically used for transplant patients.
  • PUVA: photo chemotherapy (Psoralen combined with Ultra Violet A) is a radiation treatment that uses the ultra violet light, a treatment that has been in use since the 1970’s.
  • Retinoids: this treatment will cause birth defects and it is important that anyone who is on this treatment must take extra precautions to prevent pregnancy.
  • Steroid: a number of different options to try from injections, topical and tablet form of medication giving the patient some options.

The condition and the causes baffle scientists, more research into the condition needs completing. It is when an understanding as to why a medical condition occurs, there is a better chance of actually finding a cure.

It is why, if you start to experience hair loss, that you seek medical advice as to the cause. It might be more serious than you first imagined. Getting help from a specialist to help protect any hair you have left, and to help manage your current loss is important. It is only with specialist help and an understanding of what you are currently going through, will you be able to put together a restoration plan. Whilst the hair you have lost to this condition won’t grow back naturally, there might be options open to you that you can discuss further with a specialist.

Looking After Your Scalp

It is important that you look after your head; the scalp is a sensitive area, which needs protection from the sun to ensure that it is as healthy as possible and reduces the risk of skin cancer on the scalp.

While you might cover your body in sun cream when you venture outside, what protection do you offer your head and your scalp?

sunburn head

It is important if you have bald patches that these have sun cream, as it is more obvious when these areas burn. Nevertheless, it is still possible to burn the other areas of your scalp, just because there is hair there doesn’t mean that it can’t get burnt too.

The easiest method to protect the scalp from the sun is to wear a hat; however, this is not always possible or practicable. It is important that you find a solution.

It is possible to use the sun cream that you use for your body, however it will be more difficult but it is worth thinking about protecting the scalp. There are products that are specifically for the head, it is important to put these on before sun exposure, if there is already a burn on the skin it could affect the scalp making the burn worse.

If you are going to go into the water, it is important that any sun cream you use is waterproof. This means that while you are in the water you are not going to burn. After leaving the water, check to see if you need to reapply the sun cream to ensure you fully protect your whole body.

If you do burn your scalp you will need to pay special attention, apply after sun to reduce the temperature of the burn and avoid going out in the sun with the potential to make the burn worse.

If the burn is deep and there are blisters forming, you might need to seek medical attention. It is possible for bacteria to build quickly and this can mean the burn can turn infected very quickly and getting the right treatment is key.

Not Just Sun can damage your head. 

Looking after your head is important if you are looking to save your hair from future loss. The hair is very forgiving for many years, but after time continued abuse of the hair can lead to poor quality hair and scalp.

The chemicals and the products that you use to style your hair will continue to have an effect on the quality of the hair and scalp. Some chemicals used to color hair can burn the scalp; this is painful. In addition, the products that are heated can burn the scalp, luckily, the hair is able to deal with the hot temperatures without showing signs of burning, but the hair shafts can quickly become dehydrated.

Therefore, it is important to protect the head and the scalp from damage from burns, either direct from the sun or from the products you use to style it.

Understanding The ISHRS

The ISHRS, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, founded in 1993 with the aim to educate and promote hair restoration globally. This foundation is important; it not only helps doctors with recommendations to patients, it also provides information regarding the different practices and procedures for hair restoration surgery.


It is a global body and is there to help doctors in this field all around the world, promoting good practices and fantastic medical ethics to ensure that those doctors who are part of the society are following a set of guidelines that are standard no matter where you live.

An important part of the societies work is education; this allows people to understand the process in a more detailed way. They are then able to protect themselves from people claiming to have found a cure for baldness.

The better educated the public are about the different procedures that will help them, the less likely they will turn to people with false claims with products and services which are not registered and are not concerned with practising in a clean environment.

Unlicensed products and services flood the market and it is important to teach people how to recognise the difference in a product or service that is there to help you and a service that is full of false claims and lies.

It is with education globally that people will learn to protect themselves from fake and fraudulent products, which don’t work.

If you are looking for impartial advice, looking for a hair specialist in your area, then the ISHRS is the place. They are there to help the public, giving them the information to help them make the right decisions as to the options that are open to them with relation to their hair loss.

If there is any new information that will help the public, including new and exciting treatments that might help in the future with hair loss solutions, then the ISHRS will let the public know.

They are there for the doctors who specialize in the hair restoration process, helping to educate them further in the treatments available and to ensure that these doctors are performing to the highest standards of care and practice possible.

The ISHRS has over 1200 members worldwide and that covers over 60 different countries. This shows how large this society is and how important it is to keep all the countries working towards the highest standard of medical ethics in the field of hair restoration as possible.

They are also there for the potential patients who are looking for restoration surgery, or just answers to their questions about the process and the areas that the doctors should cover in the consultations.

Therefore, if you have any concerns about where to go for treatment or who to speak to first then it is possible to get this information and more from the ISHRS.


Guinter Kahn

On the 17th of September 2014 in a Miami hospice, Guinter Kahn passed away aged 80; he was one of the co-inventors of the drug minoxidil, which can help hair grow. The health of Guinter Kahn was poor after suffering a stroke 8 years ago. He leaves behind two children, two grandchildren and his partner Judy Felsenstein.


The dermatologist immigrated to Omaha when he was just four in 1938 after leaving Germany. He studied medicine at the University of Nebraska, graduating in 1958 and went on to join the US army as a doctor before changing direction and specialising in the dermatological field.

He had to fight a company for co-inventory rights to the drug minoxidil, eventually winning and earning a small percentage of the vast profits, making his family life comfortable.

What is ironic was the treatment that he co-created; he was unable to use to prevent hair loss on his own head because of an allergic reaction to the drug.

The drug has its limitations, it works for many people, but it needs a financial commitment because of the way the drug works. If a person stops using the drug the hair loss resumes and is likely to continue to recede and fall out unless the treatment commences or a different option is sort. The time for the medication to take effect is a long period of around six months.

Why the drug works is not completely clear to the medical profession, but the idea is that minoxidil nourishes the hair and this increases the strength and the ability of the hair follicle to grow. The medication, originally designed to treat patients with high blood pressure, one of the side effects of the original treatment, which drew Guinter Kahn to the medication and the possibilities it could offer to people who suffer from baldness, was hair growth.

What is important is the understanding that this drug opened the doors for other possibilities in solving the problem of hair loss. The technology is continually improving and there are some great advances in the understanding of the medical reasons as to what makes the hair follicle grow and develop. It is with this more precise understanding of the process, which makes finding cures for different conditions easier.

If you are able to know why the hair falls out, then looking for a medication that can prevent this from happening is easier to develop.

Guinter Kahn started this journey into the development for a cure to going bald. Whilst this concept is still in the future it is no longer a far-fetched idea that will never happen, there are possible options, currently undergoing a lot of testing that could lead to the cure for some forms of hair loss.

It is a sad loss to see such an important dermatologist passing, but remembering all that he has achieved for the hair follicle and its longevity is a fantastic legacy and one that will continue to grow as new and exciting techniques develop in the future.


Wigs for Childern

There are conditions that affect men and women around the world, which will make their hair fall out. However, you must never forget the children, who also have illnesses and their hair can fall out too.

Whilst there are great options for adults in the hair restoration, there are fewer options for children because there is hope that some of the conditions aren’t long term. However, they, too, will feel different and lack confidence; the same feelings as an adult but they have less understanding about why it happens to them.

Making them feel better and feel normal is often the main concern for doctors dealing with children. It is important children must have access to a wig that allows them to feel the same as other children.


Charities are a great way to help individual children to look and feel better by providing wigs. To make a wig look great and normal it needs natural hair to give it a normal feel.

It is possible to find a charity that are looking for hair donations, check out their requirements before you cut off your locks. Most charities are looking for hair from either men or women but it needs to be at least 7 inches long.

Children can and do suffer with cancers that mean chemotherapy treatments will cause hair to fall out. This isn’t all, children can suffer from different forms of alopecia too, and some of these conditions are lifelong. Sometimes hair loss is from pulling their own hair out, this is apparent in many young children and there is no explanation as to why, some explanations suggest a stress related issue but there is no confirmation of this theory. It is noticeable in both boys and girls before the teen years but quickly accelerates in the teen years with more girls than boys pulling out their hair.

Ringworm, which is a fungus, is a common cause for hair loss in children and is simple to cure. However, some of the other conditions just aren’t as simple. Including alopecia totalis, this means the child loses all the hair from their body and this includes the eyelashes and eyebrows. It is a very difficult time for any child dealing with hair loss and, to reduce the stress, getting a wig can be the perfect answer for allowing the child to feel accepted in society.

Therefore, whilst many adults worry about thinning hair, or hair loss associated with a medical condition it is important to remember the children that have less understanding about the world and how they deal with their own issues regarding hair loss. Whether it is pulling it out due to stress or if they are suffering from a medical condition that makes the hair fall out, they need help too, from the donation of hair to the creation of happiness in a child is priceless.

What Is Nioxin

This isn’t a new company or particular new products but the company and the products do seem more focused on advertising. The company was established in 1987 and while many people have suggested the products, which this company produces can help in the battle to prevent hair loss, the company themselves have been very careful not to use these claims, because they would need FDA approval and at present there is no sign of this.

The company creates products under the typical heading of shampoos, conditioners and other hair treatment products. The aim of the products vary but to categorise them they clean and protect the hair and the scalp.

Some experts look at the properties of these products and can see the preventative aspects from using products that aim to clean the hair and the scalp. It infuses with the hair making it look thicker and fuller. This is by providing the hair with the nourishment that it needs, in essence, it is feeding the hair, ensuring the hydration and health of the hair is in the best condition possible.

The shampoo can remove the sebum from the scalp, this is the oily compound secreted naturally by the skin, but too much can block pores where the hair follicle is trying to produce a new hair shaft. It can also remove any mites that naturally live in the hair, this means the hair is completely clean and this is essential for healthy hair and hair growth.

People who use the products do claim that their hair feels thicker and better after using one or more of the Nioxin range, but this is due to the products applied to and any dirt removed, so while it feels thicker and healthier, in fact it is just clean and nourished hair.

The system recommends a three-stage approach with a cleanser for the hair and the scalp, a hair nourishing process and a scalp treatment too. The company produces a number of different products suitable for different hair types.

Not all hair is the same and Nioxin has identified the key areas that can affect the quality of the hair and have created and target products in these areas, which can have the appearance of healthier hair and a healthier scalp too. The company have confidence in their products and it is possible to choose the right system for you from your local hair stylist.

However, what this system is not claiming to do is to restore any hair that you have lost or even to prevent further hair loss. If you are worried about any form of hair loss you need to speak to a specialist like Dr Katona, he is able to give you the information about your condition and the best course of treatment for you. He can recommend treatment for hair that has disappeared or receded; detailing what you can do to protect the hair that you have left, and to find a treatment option that can help to save your hair in the future.

Can Having A Higher Salary Can Cause Hair Loss?

It is not surprising that the higher the salary that you earn the higher the stress you must face, this is just one reason why people with a higher paid income run the risk of losing their hair due to stress.


The condition Telogen Effluvium is a type of hair loss that happens with an increase in the levels of stress in the body. There are a number of different reasons that this condition is diagnosed and those include stress either emotional or physical. These can be just part of your daily life or after suffering from an illness or as the result of an accident.

What is more noticeable is the women, who are looking for the successful careers and the high paid salaries, are the ones that are noticing the thinning hair compared to their male counterparts. This is due to the need to maintain the perfect image to ensure colleagues they are capable of their job and are suitable for further career developments.

The important message for anybody who is experiencing any form of hair loss is to seek medical advice. Visit a doctor like Dr Katona who specializes in hair loss and are able to advice you on the course of action you need to take to prevent further hair loss, or to understand the problems that are causing your hair to become thinner.

Some medical conditions can cause the hair to fall out and any medical examination should be to rule out these possibilities in the first place.

What is important is to understand the options available for treating any condition. If you hair is becoming thinner due to stress, there are ways in which you can fight stress; some forms of yoga are great to de-stress the body after a tough week at work.

However, the average age for working women with the higher stressed jobs, tend to notice a thinning of the hair when they reach the age of 45; this could fall into the category of pre-menopausal. At this time, the body changes along with the hormones, certain levels become disrupted and this will have an effect on the whole body. Levels of the hormone testosterone can increase and this reduces the hair on the head but it can also increase the amount of hairs on other parts of the body including the face.

It is, therefore, an important step to check out your health to make sure that you are under the right care for all your medical needs. It is important that you see the specialist that deals with the particular part of the anatomy; they are then able to offer you the best advice with dealing with your current situation.

Therefore, if you do have a higher paid job with higher stress levels it might be having an effect on your hair falling out. However it is important to seek medical attention to ensure no other underlying are causing hair loss.

Healthy Hair Naturally

The healthier your diet, the healthier your hair becomes, but there are products which you can eat and further improve the health of your hair. What is important is learning about the products that can damage your hair, causing it to become brittle and susceptible to falling out.

Dark-haired woman being sad, because of having problems with hair loss

The styling products that you use on your hair can damage it. Heat on the hair can make it dehydrated, dry, and brittle; straighteners, even hair dryers, cause damage. Protecting your hair from this type of damage is relatively easy with hair styling products. Protecting your hair from the effects of the sun is essential if you are looking for the perfect summer hair.

The sun can dry out the hair and dehydrated hair becomes dull, brittle, causing split ends and rough to the touch. Look for products in your hair care routine which can protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun.

When you are choosing products look for items that don’t contain any sulfates, these aren’t good for your hair. Sometimes shampoo comes with this as an added ingredient. It works against your hair and can strip it of its natural oil.

It is important to use products with natural ingredients to improve the hair quality; Aloe Vera is a perfect example of a product that can reduce inflammation on the scalp. Having a diet rich in the right vitamins can also aid the health of your hair. Vitamins A, B, C and E are essential for healthy hair; using products for your hair that are natural is important, but equally important is your diet. A healthy diet can reduce the chances of hair breaking due to poor condition.

As you age, you need to consider your hair routine, the condition of your hair and the products it needs to stay healthy, changes too. Age, sun and chemicals can make it dull, dry and damaged. Changing the products that you use can make a lot of difference, it is the same as the aging of the skin and the different stages of your life can have an impact on your hair.

Women that are going through menopause will be experiencing changes in their body and this can affect the hair too. The hair is thinner; you might even notice some hair falling out. Dealing with the different areas in menopause is difficult and understanding how to deal with them, long-term is important. Opting for a new hair and body care regime might be the answer you are looking for. The herb Sage is reportedly great for improving hair density and Rosemary is great for stimulating growth. Incorporating natural products in your diet might have benefits for your hair too.

Therefore, looking after your hair as naturally as possible can benefit your whole health and not just the health of your hair.