Vampires: The Cure For Baldness

As with many medical treatments what develops for one treatment, often transpires to other areas of the medical field. This is true with the technique called Vampire PRP, this stands for platelet-rich plasma.

It is not a new technique; it has successful uses in a number of procedures, including orthopaedics, dentistry and plastic surgery, but the benefits of this procedure is helping to treat baldness in men and women.

There are only a few specialist trained in the Vampire PRP system for hair loss. As it is a new area of expertise, it is important that you consider the implications of the process and discuss the health benefits that relate to your individual case. Finding a qualified doctor is the most important aspect if you are considering this process; as it is a new procedure, it is vital that you chose the right doctor to perform it. It is easy to check the qualifications of a doctor and the success rate of the procedure on other patients enabling you to judge the competence and success rate.

Talking to other people who have first-hand experience of the procedure and their results can help you consider if this option is right for you.

The procedure requires a sample of your blood, which goes through a centrifuge and the results, sometimes with added ingredients, injected into the scalp.

The scalp will have a local anaesthetic prior to the procedure to ensure that it is pain-free. The procedure is having some great results.

There is evidence building that the results are even better than applying the chemical minoxidil onto the hair, and this is just after the first treatment procedure.

You are putting great quality blood into the area of the head, which then stimulates the hair growth. There is still relatively little research on this topic, more research is required into the health benefits of restoring hair using this method.

There are people who question the benefits of using this process. In any treatment, if the results aren’t clear then the potential benefits aren’t clear either.

Whilst the experts query the results, it doesn’t stop the procedure and there are a number of options that you can add to your blood to improve the properties, including ingredients that are from a pig’s bladder.

If this treatment option proves popular and the results are consistent with improving hair growth, with the plasma injected into the scalp of a patient, then this area of hair stimuli will continue to improve and more doctors will see the new options that could open up for their clients.

It is important that every effort in understanding why these treatments work, and the benefit they have to patients preventing going bald is no-longer part of aging and there are a number of options that can stop the progression of losing your hair.


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